Kerstin Hammerschmid

Raised in Upper Austria Kerstin is a fashion and beauty photographer. She is studying photography in the final year at University Of West London.

Kerstin is currently based in Berlin.

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Kerstin Hammerschmid

Raised in Upper Austria, photography became Kerstins great passion at the age of 14. After graduating from graphic design school, she spent a semester as a photographer assistant of a fashion photographer in New Zealand. This half year has shaped her a lot and also improved her photographic skills and quality. As a people photographer she attachs great importance to originality and quality. Kerstin prefers to photograph in the beauty and fashion area, because she can let off steam very creatively. Recently she discovered analog photography for herself. The chemical smell of the developer liquid and the magical moment when the image slowely appears on the photographic paper captivated her immediately. Along with her passion for fashion photography she wants to capture the beauty of humanity through the interplay of light and chemistry that creates art.
She has been able to publish her photographs in some magazines. In the future Kerstin would like to establish herself even more in the fashion scene.

Currently she is based in Berlin.



Kaltblut Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Toksick Magazine, Shuba Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Feroce Magazine, Femme Rebell Magazine,


Runway Vienna, Cambio Beauty Academy

Fashion Designers

Grunge Disco, Narbon Patricia, Good Night Medusa Lingerie, Nadine Now, Belka, Cha.rak.ter