Kerstin hammerschmid

Kerstin Hammerschmid

Fashion and beauty photographer based in Vienna.

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Nowadays fashion is not only there to cover the body. Fashion can do much more! Many fashion designers express socially critical issues through their fashion designs and support social organisations with the sale of their fashion. A good example is Vivienne Westwood, who draws attention to climate change with her fashion designs and supports several organisations with the sale of her clothes.

The placement of slogans on clothing is the trend this season, no matter which garment is embroidered or printed with critical text lines, as long as it is ‘loud’ and expressive.

With this project I don’t only want to fight for equality, fairness and draw attention to global issues, but also motivate people to leave one or the other 1 Euro T-shirt in the shop and buy high quality and fair produced fashion.

There is still a lot to archive in our world and a many issues has to be solved, but together we can make a different, and even a small l gesture can help to change something. Let’s make a statement together with fashion!